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The Oklahoma Guardianship Act is a system of “general” and “limited” guardianships for minors and for incapacitated and partially incapacitated persons to protect their rights and management of their resources. 

The ACT encourages the development of maximum self-reliance and independence of the incapacitated or partially incapacitated person and make guardianships only to the extent necessary due to the limitations of a ward. 

A guardian is required to ensure that the rights of the ward is protected, to encourage the ward to participate in decisions, and to assist the ward to regain capacity.

A guardian performs duties under the directions and supervision of the court. A guardian is required to account to the court, at least annually, the actions they took on the guardian’s behalf. 

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Our services extend beyond divorce to include adoption, guardianship, and drafting of prenuptial agreements. We also assist our clients in establishing paternity. The establishment of paternity can protect the rights of both parents to ensure that custody is appropriately determined, that the noncustodial parent has enforceable visitation rights and that child support is set up for the minor child. We promise to handle your matter personally, professionally, and aggressively. Contact us so we can put our experience and dedication to work for you today!