• Design Professional Risk and Mitigation
  • Construction Claims

We have over twenty-five years’ experience in the engineering and construction industry. Engineers, architects, and other design professionals are subject to unique risk factors.

We are just as comfortable at a construction site as we are making arguments in court. Let us help manage new risk, review contracts and agreements, assess standard of care, mitigate existing risk, solve contract disputes, and work for resolution of disputes.



Engineers and architects, either by contract or by statute, generally have a defined standard of care. Further, if that design professional has extra degrees, licenses, certifications, fellowships, etc., their standard of care will likely be higher than standard. Design professionals should also be extra careful about contract terms regarding intellectual property, limitations of liability, insurance disclosure, consequential damages, etc.

Maybe. Whether a project was built per code, per your plans, per the change order, and per the standard of care, are all legal questions to be determined in order to assess liability.