• Entity Formation, Asset Protection, Corporate Governance, and Sale
  • Contract, NDA, and Agreement Reviews
  • Corporate Risk and Mitigation
  • International Contracting and Business Risk
  • Military and NASA Contracting and Deliverables

Many basic business forms are available on the web, however, to protect your company (and your personal assets) you need an experienced business lawyer. We can help you select which type of business entity is right for you as well as draft partnership agreements, joint ventures, operating agreements, purchase agreements, and others. You need a skilled attorney to review the many documents, contracts, and non-disclosure agreements that you face every day.

Now more than ever, even small businesses are faced with the uncertainty of signing agreements with non-U.S. customers, vendors, or partners.  Our attorneys are well versed in international business contracting. We have extensive experience with small business agreements, federal contracts with the military and NASA, and international contracts.

Pope & Edgar Law Firm

Those are bare-bones forms that meet the absolute minimum state requirements. Your business should at least have a detailed operating agreement that includes, at least, ownership, survivorship, sale, member rights, and responsibilities, etc.