Estate Planning

Estate Planning & Probate Law

A will is a legal document that describes how you want your assets distributed at death. The actual distribution, however, is controlled by a legal process called probate. We are the EXCLUSIVE Estate Planning firm for the IR Global network for Oklahoma.


US Export Compliance, International Trade and Transactions

The complex export control regimes have been expanded over time to cover many items and technology that once was freely exchanged. We are an IR Global member firm with a thorough network of international firms we work with.


Engineering & Construction Law

Let us help manage new risk, review contracts and agreements, assess the standard of care, mitigate existing risk, solve contract disputes, and work for the resolution of disputes. We are the EXCLUSIVE Construction law firm in the IR Global Network for Oklahoma and Texas

Business Law

Business Law

We can help you select which type of business entity is right for you as well as draft partnership agreements, joint ventures, operating agreements, purchase agreements, and others.



In these trying economic times it is easy for financial matters to overwhelm even the best of us. Unexpected illness, loss of a job, divorce or other matters beyond your control can easily put you in a difficult financial position.

Real estate

Real Estate Law

Whether commercial or residential real estate matters, our clients appreciate our personal service and dedication to being accessible to each client.


Family Law

Adoption and guardianship are complex legal tasks. A divorce, prenuptial, or postnuptial agreements are also difficult for all concerned. It is important to have clear and competent guidance to obtain your goals.


Native American Law

Native American property law is often governed by complex federal codes and federal case law. Our attorneys are well versed in Native American Law and jurisdiction.

Firearms Law

Firearms Law

To protect you, your NFA trust must be tailored to your specific personal situation, family situation, local law, and future.